Reclaim ownership,
delete your passwords

Goodbye password managers, hello digital independence.

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We believe saving passwords in an app,
or uploading them all to the cloud,
is a recipe for personal disaster.

Your privacy is your life.
To them, it’s a risk assessment.

The only password that can’t be lost, stolen, seized, ransomed or left on the bus,
is a password that doesn’t exist.

Spectre is a password app
that contains no passwords.

Spectre is a password cipher:
Instead of saving and sending passwords across the internet, Spectre calculates the password you need, only when you need it, then throws it away again.

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Remember one secret, math does the rest.

We delete our passwords.

Key Principles

It’s all about you

(and only you)


Your identity is safe only when its sole gatekeeper is you and it cannot be held hostage in a cloud account or behind a regulatory wall.

More than ever, online liberty requires breaking dependency on unreliable actors or corporate and state entities.


Sustainable security has no loopholes or caveats. It doesn’t come with terms on use, require backups, or expect blind trust.
It is algorithmically, mathematically, given.

Stateless identity management reduces your attack surface, making you immune to loss, confiscation, ransoming and leaks.

Free Forever

Free means freedom and equality. Free means power to the people. Free means transparent and auditable. Free means available for all.

Open-source, licensed Free Software, Spectre is available gratis, forever — its code fully open and auditable.

The Spectre Algorithm


How does it work?


Sign in to Spectre

Open the Spectre app. Your own, your friend’s – any app, anywhere.
Enter your full name and your personal Spectre secret to sign in.

Pro-tip for choosing your Spectre secret: absurd word combinations!
wild berry yelling, freshly exhasperated kitten. You try one.


Name a website

Use only the site’s domain name, drop the rest:

Your site password comes directly from your sign-in information in step [1].
Think of a calculator; you + site = password, like 2 + 3 = 5, every time.


Upgrade your account security

First time using Spectre for this site?
Change your old account password into Spectre’s generated password.

From now on, you don’t need to save your password for this site anymore.


Log in securely

From now on, just log in with your site’s Spectre password.

Share your site passwords with friends, if you like.
Under no circumstances tell anyone else your personal Spectre secret.

Key Assets

Breaking the rules

Your digital identity belongs to you, first and foremost.

Severing the corporate hold over your digital access demands rethinking how we should secure our online accounts.

Authority Isolation

Spectre cryptographically insulates your sites from each other.
When online services fail and leak your login, this ensures the damage does not affect your other accounts.

Stateless Algorithm

Spectre doesn’t save any passwords: it computes them from your name, on demand. Independence from external control is only possible by eliminating data dependency.

Disaster Proof

Data loss, destruction, confiscation, and identity ransoming are real threats.
Spectre is completely immune: borrow a friend’s device or reinstall on a fresh new device and recovery is instant — even offline!

An Identity Platform

Spectre doesn’t stop at passwords. Using our algorithm, you can eradicate the privacy invasion that is “security questions” or isolate your identity with cryptographically generated login names.