Community Guidelines

The guidelines for engaging in the Spectre community as well as in the name of Spectre globally.

We invite everyone with a constructive interest in Spectre to participate in its community and contribute thoughts, questions, feedback and recommendations.


To ensure a healthy and inclusive environment for you, we engage to uphold the following guidelines for the conduct of all members in the community:

We Are People
We are the people of the world, each with our unique background and experience. We are talented in ways others are not. Our voice matters. We do not discriminate.
Established Consent
We stay on topic because the topic is the reason others are here. We do not engage where there is no explicit prior consent.
Respect & Kindness
We seek to understand others, assuming their intentions are well, before we choose how to express ourselves to them.
Validation & Understanding
Our opinions and preferences are the result of our past experience — equally so for those of others. We pause to understand and explicitly validate other perspectives.
Patience & Grace
As important as the things we say is the way in which we say them. We are skillful with our choice of language and give others the opportunity to prove themselves.
Embracing Mistakes
We are all human, we all learn best through trying. Sometimes we get it wrong. We are wholly permitted the mistakes we learn from, repair, and owe up to.
You Are The Many
You deserve the very best — you all do. We don’t sacrifice what you deserve to benefit someone else, or sacrifice what someone else deserves to benefit you.
Stand Vigilant
A space is only as safe as we keep it. We assume the duty of reporting transgressions we see, however innocent, trusting kindness on the part of the officers.

We pledge to moderate our own actions in accordance with these priorities when engaging with members of this community, or the larger global community in the name of or in association with Spectre.


Your liberty, freedom and security does not come from our guidelines, it comes from our actions. Keeping each other safe is the responsibility of all.


Our enforcement officer should be informed of any transgressions you encounter:
Maarten Billemont [email protected]

  • Reporting someone does not condemn them.
    Allow actions to speak for themselves and trust that officers engage with reports in kindness, empathy and understanding for all involved.

  • Reports may be made anonymously.
    Please include any and all legally acquired facts and information that may assist in a thorough evaluation.


The aim is to ensure Spectre’s community remains free from harm.

Officers take reports seriously and seek an understanding of the situation prior to judging it.

Any members of the Spectre community may be contacted by Spectre’s enforcement officer in private to seek verification of any claims.


Reports and enforcement conversations are held in maximum confidentiality.

Both the officers and all members under this pledge commit to respecting the confidentiality of enforcement conversations to the maximum extent of the law.

This confidentiality does not dissolve upon conclusion of the investigation.

No information is shared barring prior consent by those who shared it with the enforcement officer, not with the public or in any enforcement conversations.


Officers reserve the right to take the following actions pursuant to the enforcement of these guidelines:

  • Issue private warnings to any community members
  • Modify community messages by any community members, leaving an action notice where modifications were made
  • Modify code made by any community members
  • Temporarily or permanently limit or revoke the rights of any community member.


These community guidelines are licensed under the CC BY 4.0.

Feel free to share, re-use or adapt these guidelines for use in your own communities.