End User License Agreement

The terms under which users agree to use any of Spectre’s applications.

Spectre makes its applications available for you to use only under these terms.

The Terms

You are the end-user

  • You enter into this agreement between Spectre and yourself, acting as an end-user of Spectre’s applications.
  • There are no third parties involved in any of the terms under this agreement.
  • This agreement doesn’t transfer. It applies solely to your using the Spectre applications on your personal devices.
  • You agree to honour any applicable third-party agreements that may apply during your usage of our applications.
  • If you’ve obtained the application through Apple, you agree to respect the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions, and that Apple and its subsidiaries may enforce this agreement as a third-party beneficiary.
  • You consent with Spectre’s zero-PII policy regarding personal information as described in our privacy policy.

Spectre’s support, warranty and liability

  • For help, questions or complaints regarding your use of Spectre’s applications, contact Spectre’s support page.
  • No other parties are responsible for providing support to you for your usage of Spectre’s applications.
  • You agree to be solely responsible for the results of how you use the application, its functioning or failure.
  • To the extent permitted by law, Spectre, nor any other party, offers any warranties, expressly or implied. You accept our warranty and liability disclaimer.
  • If you’ve obtained the application through Apple, in the event of a failure you may notify them for a refund. That is the full extent of their warranty obligations.
  • Spectre is solely responsible for any claims regarding its applications, their compliance with applicable regulations and their use of intellectual property.