Zero Trust, Zero Risk.

In managing a corporate infrastructure, risk is everything.
Every question a business responds to ultimately boils down to accurately identifying the risks involved and providing a satisfactory threshold or effective countermeasure.

Tell me about your current access models. How many employees do you need access controls for? How do you keep those controls valid and in-sync? How well can you truly guarantee the availability while still policing the effective containment of those grants?

Be honest: what entities have you delegated a level of trust to effectively grant them carte-blanche control over your entire access policy?

At Spectre, we reject this proposal. We say: zero trust, zero risk.

Disconnecting Dependencies

Spectre proposes a radical alternative: algorithmically derive access tokens from a role-specific Spectre key.

When you deploy Spectre across your operations, you’ll gain the flexibility to trim each of these operational complexities & dependencies:

  • Secure storage for access tokens across a wide range of deployed devices
  • Secure distribution & synchronization of access tokens to employees
  • External actors and networks beyond your governance, control and oversight
  • Reliable backups for all access controls & availability strategies around them
  • Secure redistribution of compromised or rotating credentials
  • Disaster availability and business continuation strategies

Spectre can be deployed in different ways depending on the reality of your business' operational needs. Reach out and tell us about your network, your challenges, your prior experiences, your requirements, your constraints and your goals. Together, we’ll formulate a deployment strategy to fit.