Passwords, boo.

Passwords are a nightmare most of us would rather do without.
They’re an obstacle to the things we really want, yet we got saddled with the burden of doing them right and the guilt of not being able to.

The reality is that we’re asked to perform an impossible task:
Human brains are not fit for coming up with and remembering the countless secure passwords we supposedly need as online denizens.

In the past, I have:

The “fix” then supposedly becomes saving or uploading passwords in the cloud vaults of some big online corporation and letting them hold onto the keys to our entire lives for us.

At Spectre, we reject this proposal. We say: my life, my passwords.

Say Hi to Spectre!

The solution we propose is to algorithmically turn your hundreds of passwords into a single password: your Spectre password.

Keep Spectre floating along with you as your pocket-ghost password calculator. Whenever you need a password, Spectre will do the math and compute the password you need for the site you’re trying to log into.

Once you have and used your password, it’ll disappear again into the ether. It’s not saved anywhere, not sent to a cloud data centre, no traces left in your phone. But the next time you need it, Spectre will happily re-calculate it for you on the spot.

Since Spectre is immortal, you don’t need to worry about him! Drop your phone, lose it on the bus, accidentally break it, forget it at home, no problem! Just find your way to another phone and bring Spectre back, put in your name and your Spectre secret.
Spectre will merrily re-calculate any password you need, dedicated and loyal as he is.